• Position/Job Analysis & Specification of requirements
  • Search Process & Identification of Prospective Candidates
  • Personal profiling through competency based structured interviews
  • Leadership & Management Profiling through on-line assessment tools
  • Presentation of Short Listed Candidates
  • Identifying the Final Candidate
  • Negotiation of Compensation Package
  • Placement



  • Identify, map and track relevant talent in the market applicable to our clients’ future recruitment needs, succession planning and/or executive benchmarking
  • Provide our clients with the necessary information to decide whether or not to open a new headcount
  • Approach targeted candidates to gather personal information, education background, career story, current responsibilities and if possible remuneration package
  • Present a Talent Mapping Report of target pools of candidates according to set criteria



  • Offers employees a professional support at a time of vulnerability
  • Equips individuals with the confidence and skills to manage change effectively
  • Assists individuals to understand their skills and competencies, interests and drivers for better self awareness
  • Helps employees to develop a clear, considered plan for their next career step
  • Provides coaching on how to approach networking, interviewing and job selection
  • Brings employees up to date with the current employment market
  • Strengthens the organisation’s image, both internally and externally, as caring and responsible

mass recruitment


  • An experienced team of recruiters
  • Discretion and full confidentiality
  • Extensive logistic and organizational platform in Turkey to speedly implement the largest projects
  • A wide range of modern tools for the selection, verification and in-depth assessment of the candidates’ compentencies in a short period of time
  • Verified candidate quality that improves retention rates for the employee’s long-term success at your company, reducing turnover and future HR expenses
  • Effectively manage recruitment costs based on track record in placing long term employees
  • A dedicated HR consultant that ensures seamless communication and coordination of the entire project regardless of size or complexity